Sandalwood Essential Oil 15% in Odourless Coconut – Santalum Album Wood Oil - 5mL

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  • Western Australia sandalwood plantation, the small sandalwood bush feed off the roots of the tall host trees
  • Australian sandalwood in coconut oil
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Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil diluted 15% in Odourless Coconut Oil




Sustainably grown in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, this sandalwood is diluted in odourless coconut oil for a more accessible price.
For environmental protection reasons we do not supply Sandalwood produced from wild trees in India.

Base note, adds softness to virtually any blend, particularly good with floral oils such as rose, Neroli, and geranium

A beautiful warm and woody scent with calming properties helping stress relief.
Very nice on its own, it can blend nicely with geranium, bergamot, vetivert, patchouli, jasmine, rose or black pepper.
Use it on your dog too! To prevent fleas infestations, pour one drop of sandalwood on the collar of your dog before going out for a walk!
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation of heart of wood
Herb Usual Origin: Western Australia
Quality checked & bottled in Ireland


Why Atlantic Aromatics?
Atlantic Aromatics is family business based in Ireland and is widely distributed around the country as well as in the UK, Germany & Japan.

The only focus driving Atlantic Aromatics is towards quality and only quality.

Most of the oils offered are either Certified Organic or Sustainably Wild Crafted.
This work with nature translates as well in a reduction of wasteful unnecessary packaging. That is why the oils do not come in a box and are delivered as the photo shown.
An addition plus point is you pay for quality and not fancy packaging and marketing.




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