Rosewater Certified Organic - 50mL

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Ingredients: Rosa Damascena flower water 100%


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Pure certified organic rosewater of exceptional quality and richness of aroma produced by award winning distillery Enio Bonchev in the Valley of the Roses, Bulgaria. (See  videos page for more information)

    • Toner: Tones all skin types to remove excess oil without drying
    • Cleanse: Cleans all skin types by naturally removing buildup, leaving the face clear, clean, and refreshed
    • Hydrating: Hydrates naturally and great for when travelling or in constant air conditioning
    • Calming: Calms skin irritations caused by shaving, psoriasis, eczema, sunburn etc.
    • Makeup Remover: All natural and does a great job
    • Aromatherapy: A wonderful scent that uplifts the spirit
    • This product is not sticky and does not clog pore


Origin: Bulgaria

Quality checked & bottled in Ireland


Why Atlantic Aromatics?
Atlantic Aromatics is family business based in Ireland and is widely distributed around the country as well as in the UK, Germany & Japan.

The only focus driving Atlantic Aromatics is towards quality and only quality.

Most of the oils offered are either Certified Organic or Sustainably Wild Crafted.
This work with nature translates as well in a reduction of wasteful unnecessary packaging. That is why the oils do not come in a box and are delivered as the photo shown.
An addition plus point is you pay for quality and not fancy packaging and marketing.


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